BBQ – chopped pork BBQ sold by the pound

Choice cuts of pork are used to make our BBQ the best.  Seasoned with our own blend of seasonings and spices, our BBQ has just the right amount of “kick” that is sure to bring you back for more!!

Whole Boston Butts – whole pork butts sold by the pound

Tender pieces of pork  weighing 3.5 to 7.0 lbs each.  Slow cooked over charcoal to bring out the delicious  flavors.

Baby Back Ribs – pork ribs sold by the pound

Seasoned with our homemade dry rub and slow cooked over open coals brings out the juices and makes our ribs melt in your mouth!

Whole Beer Chickens – whole chickens seasoned, priced individually

Seasoned with our special blend of seasonings, spices, and beer, these chickens are delicious